What Color Says About You

what-color-says-about-youTalking about favorite colors can feel like a rather empty, “getting to know you” type topic that doesn’t hold much weight. During the younger years, little girls often hold staunchly to pink while boys may advocate for blue. As they age, children will often use colors as if they were a weapon – sticking staunchly to an all-black wardrobe and make-up palette, for example. Over time, however, the colors we gravitate to really do have more meaning than we may think.

They may reflect a personality type or energetic vibration that characterizes who you are. Or, on the flip side, they may be a signal for the type of energy you need more of in your life. Of course, there is always the possibility that you simply like a color because you like it – plain and simple.

What Do Colors Say About You and Your Life?

It probably doesn’t surprise you to learn that, as a professional interior designer, my clients’ favorite colors are an important piece of information. I use their color preferences – and their functional remodeling desires – to help select the design and décor that will best suit their taste and lifestyle.

Here are some general psychological associations that are made between a person’s favorite colors – and what that says about them:

Red is a color of energy and tenacity

Red has long been a high-energy color associated with power. Wear a red dress, shirt, sweater or jacket into a room and you know you are going to be noticed. Therefore, those who choose red are often seen as self-confident too. Those who gravitate towards red as a favorite or preferred color are often tenacious and determined when it comes to work, life and goals.

Orange is fun, energetic and prone to clutter

Those who love orange tend to be lovers of life – and that includes lots of fun and socializing. While others may seem them as being a little too playful (bordering on flaky or irresponsible), those who like orange can be very hardworking as long as they’re interested in the task at hand or the work applies to their own interests and/or benefits. Those who like orange can be prone to clutter.

Yellow people are magnetic and engaged

People who like yellow are relatively optimistic and like to infuse the people and things around them with positive energy. They enjoy learning, as well as sharing their knowledge and experience with others. They are typically viewed as being cheerful.

Green is a color for those who are frank and down to earth

Those who prefer the color green are usually affectionate and loyal, and they also tell it like it is. They care about the impression they make on others and value their reputation.

Blue is associated with stability, organization and emotional depth

People who like the color blue tend to be sensitive and appreciate stability and grounding in their lives. They are reliable and care about the emotional well-being of others. They like things to be clean and organized.

Purple denotes with creativity as well as royalty

Purple has long been associated with royalty, and perhaps that is how it became linked with a certain level of arrogance as well. However, those who gravitate towards the color purple tend to be artistic and creative as well as sensitive. They have a great deal of respect for those they care about.

Brown is a color associated with steadfastness and humility

I will be honest and say that I haven’t met all that many people who claim their favorite color is brown. That being said, a notable percentage of my clients seem to gravitate towards neutral, brown hues when decorating their homes. When it comes to personality types, people who like the color brown tend to be humble and don’t like flashy or gaudy fashion or décor. They are known for being loyal and dependable and – like those who prefer blue – they like stability in their life.

Black is associated with sensitivity and artistry

On the outside, black can seem foreboding, uninviting and even scary. In fact, those who like black colors and accents tend to be very sensitive and artistic. Perhaps the image it presents helps them to mask their vulnerability and the tenderness within. While those who own predominantly black wardrobes are often seen as introverts, they are usually just more guarded and prefer to share intimate details of their life with people they trust.

So, what are your favorite colors? Do you find this general color analogy resonates with you?

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