Making A Statement With Oversized Art


Are you done with organizing all your smaller prints and family photos on gallery walls and shelves? Perhaps it’s time to think bigger – like, a LOT bigger – and go oversized. Contrary to what you might think – it can be easier to deal with oversized art because unlike its smaller, normal-sized counterparts, there are only so many places you can install it.

Decorating With Oversized Art

The fun thing about oversized paintings, photos and murals is that they are unable to be ignored. They say, “Look at me and pay homage…” the way an average still-life or a lovely, autographed photo might not.

That being said, large paintings and art pieces become a part of your interior design rather than being an accent, and for that reason – it can take a little bit of planning, rearranging or even redecorating in order to make the statement you want to make with oversized pieces.

  1. Clear a wall and make space. It goes without saying that an impressive work of art will requires an equally impressive display space. And, in the name of balance, it will also need an appropriate amount of white space (or whatever color wall you have) around it. Thus, you’re usually looking at the sacrifice of an entire wall, the whole section of wall on a stair landing, a half-wall dividing two open spaces, or an something like that.
  2. Use a simple frame. In most cases, a large canvas will not require much in the way of framework. Depending on the size of the wall in question, you may not need a frame at all. Like I mentioned above, the wall space around the work of art can serve as a frame on its own. Otherwise, it may only require the simplest of frames so nothing detracts from the focus of the artwork.
  3. Echo the art in your interior design. Of course, one of the most striking ways to make a large piece of art a part of your living space, and vice versa, is to echo elements of the work in other design accents and features. This can be done via color, shapes, pattern or theme. It can also include the echoing of texture.
  4. Enhance your minimalist motif. Are you a modern minimalist? If so, it can be difficult to strike the balance between a room that is stylishly minimal and one that just looks empty and boring. Counterintuitively, more can be less when it comes to oversized artworks. A large canvas or a detailed wall mural will fill up the space, making your solo chair and end table, or a couple of comfortable poufs, look completely natural and not at all overshadowed by the otherwise empty floor space.
  5. Do consider proportions. While the above is true in minimal designs, more typical home designs will need to take proportion into consideration. Large art can dwarf standard size furnishings so be aware. You may need to purchase new furniture, or do a little furniture arranging, so the furnishings “fit” the artwork.
  6. Think about using panels. If you live in a small space, are intimidated by the scope and breadth of a single-large panel, or have windows that ruin your grand oversized art plan – not to worry. Take a different approach and look for a large piece that is intentionally divided into panels. The panels can have just a few inches or a couple of feet in between them. They can be offset at angles, which can trick the eye in a room with low ceilings – making it appear taller than it is. Or, you can place it along the wall without a care for the windows that interrupt it.
  7. Take a softer approach. Similarly, if you like the idea of a single, large canvas but don’t want it to take over the whole room – look for abstracts or landscapes in soft, pale tones. The piece will still make a statement without overwhelming your current design.

Are you the proud owner of an oversized art piece you’re ready to display in your home? Contact Kristina Wolf Design and I’ll be happy to lend a helping eye and hand.

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