Texture And Interior Design


Style, color and patterns are all instrumental in creating a cohesive interior design. Even if you adhere closely to all three of these, however, your design will fall a bit flat if you don’t also pay attention to texture.

Texture Makes an Interior More Interesting

Texture can be used in a variety of ways, depending on the look you are going for. Here are some of the most common ways texture is used to make an interior design more lively and interesting.

  • Monochromatic Interiors. In a monochromatic interior, one where the same color is used throughout – with very little variation, texture adds depth and dimension. Without it, the room or space would feel flat and lifeless.
  • Modern Interiors. Modern interiors tend to have a “hard” look because they focus on clean and streamlined aesthetics. This is where a nice textured window treatment, shag rug, or funky accent pillows can go a long way in softening the overall appearance.
  • Wood-Wood, Leather-Leather. Is there a room in your house that tends to have an abundance of one particular texture or finish? This is sign you should consciously add a different texture or two so things aren’t too repetitive.
  • To Feel Good. Textures can also be added simply because they feel good. Think about that favorite chenille throw blanket or a luxurious towel set in the bathroom. What about a velvet armchair? In addition to looks, certain textures feel better than others, so you’ll want to incorporate softer, more luxurious textures in rooms that have an abundance of less-comfortable finishes.

Tips For Adding Texture to Your Home’s Interior

There are all kinds of ways to add texture to your interior design. Take a look from room to room and see where you could use a little “texture update” to improve the overall look and feel.

Just add houseplants. If you feel like you got the textile thing down, try adding a houseplant or two. In addition to a whole new texture, as well as depth and dimension, you will also improve your homes interior air quality. Houseplants are a great addition to empty corners or table tops.

Look for throw pillow covers. Invest in high-quality throw pillows in standard sizes and then be on the lookout for colorful, patterned and/or textured covers that you can switch out as the mood strikes you.

Use area rugs. There are plenty of reasons to love area rugs. They save wear-and-tear on flooring in high-traffic areas, they help to define a particular area of a room, and they can also anchor furniture or seating areas in large rooms and open floor plans. Also, area rugs add texture. From sleek low-pile rugs to woven rugs and shag versions, they can make a big impact. Patterned rug can also give the illusion of texture, even if the surface isn’t all that high or chunky.

Pattern layering. I mentioned that patterned area rugs provide texture, and that is because certain patterns create an optical illusion of sorts, creating depth where there is none. This optical illusion can also give the appearance of varied textures. Think about paisley or geometric patterns, which can look 3-D or will appear as if different materials were used – even if patterns are printed on uniform surface. Layering patterns will enhance that effect, even if your textiles or finishes are all the same.

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