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Mix Wood Types And Finishes Tastefully In The Same Space

mix wood types and finishes tastefully in the same space

If you’re like most of my clients, you have a mix of wood types and finishes that aren’t perfectly matching sets of furniture and furnishings in every room in the house (good for you). The good news is, things aren’t boring. However, it can also be tricky to

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Shopping For Patio Furniture


April showers bring May flowers, right? That’s what we’re hoping for here in the Kristina Wolf Design studio anyway. While we’re thrilled about all the rain our state has absorbed this year, we’re ready to turn our sites on sunshiny weather – and that means more time

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Got The Winter Blues? Try Rearranging The Furniture!

Days of endless wind and rain make us all a little crazy this time of year. When I start to feel that restless itch, I know exactly what to do –use cooped up weekend days to rearrange things. When I was a girl, my friends and I

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Making The Most Of Your Open Floor Plan

I’ll be honest; I’m particularly fond of the open floor plan trend that just keeps on trending. To be sure, there are advantages to compartmentalization – especially when it comes to privacy and/or hiding the mess from guests. However, in my experience, the pros of open floor

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Making A Student-Centric Study Area In Your Home


Time flies doesn’t it? One minute you’re helping your baby learn how to walk, the next minute she’s in Kindergarten and before you know it – homework becomes an everyday event. One of the best things you can do to foster a reverence for learning is to

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Making Your Shelves The Most Interesting Piece In The Room


Shelves are made to be utilitarian, which is fine. But, with the right eye and a little creativity, they can become utilitarian works of art – or, at the very least – utilitarian accents that enhance an interior design. 9 Ways to Make Shelves Stand Out Here

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Every Home Office Needs A Desk!

The most important features of a home office desk and chair are comfort and productivity. But, of course, style comes into play as well. This is especially true in many contemporary home designs, where the home office is incorporated into an open floor plan, rather than a

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7 Ways To Use A Serving Cart

Furniture can be divided into three categories: pieces you use daily, pieces you use weekly, and pieces you hardly ever use. To a minimalist designer, the latter category is clutter, filling up unnecessary space. A traditionalist will look at that piece differently, allowing it to remain as

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Choosing Furniture

Let’s go furniture shopping! There’s an exciting thought. Until you think it. Then it can seem somewhat daunting. Furnishing a home is no easy feat and the ultimate goal should be to select timeless pieces that can be used for decades to come – even if their

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Arranging Living Room Furniture


Arranging furniture is often a process of trial-and-error and, odds are, if you’ve moved into a new home or planning to remodel the one you’re in, it will take a few different arrangements before you land on the living room furniture placement that suits your family or

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