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How To Use Mirrors


As an interior designer, mirrors are more than a reflective surface or decorative bonus – mirrors are problem solvers. They can become just about anything a design needs such as open, brighten, sparkle, redirection or focus. It’s all in how you use them. Mirror, Mirror on the

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Adding Greenery


Humans have always brought a little bit of Mother Nature indoors – from fresh cut flowers as a kitchen table centerpiece to bundles of dried herbs hanging from the rafters; the reality is that our species derives a sense of peace and connection when we integrate nature

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Throw Rugs


Do you have hardwood or another type of hard-surface flooring? Are you struggling to create some sort of boundary between different areas in an open living space? Are your feet freezing when they hit the ground, or is the sound of your dogs’ clickety-clack driving you crazy?

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Shelves 101


When I first sit down to consult with new clients, I rarely hear, “We just can’t wait to show you what we have planned for the shelving…” Shelves are one of those items that fade into the background of renovating, selecting paint colors or wallpaper, re-designing layouts,

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Accessorizing Your Home

Accessories are an important part of interior design; they add color, character and – perhaps best of all – they are more temporary design elements. Unlike cabinets or countertops, kitchen layout or furniture – accessories are easy to move around, sell, donate or move on when you’re

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Falling For Fall


I’m certainly falling for fall – are you? This time a year I get absolutely giddy. Why? Because autumn is on its way. Fall is my favorite season and I think that’s the case for many interior designers. It’s a season where we can make the most

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Brightening Up Your Whole Home


Have a room or corner that looks a little dark or neglected? Perhaps it’s been a while since you took an objective look at your home’s interior. Are the walls a bit scuffed? Are certain furnishings looking a little shabby? It might be time to brighten things

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Simple Ways To Add Charm And Character


Even a serial modernist can’t help but acknowledge that older homes have charm and character. There’s something special about architecture from years gone by, not to mention the wood work and unique details that were more common in the everyday homes of the earlier 20th century and

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Using Textiles To Dress Up Your Interior Design


If you’re exploring the idea of redecorating or remodeling your home, odds are you’ve seen the word textile crop up a time or ten in your reading and website explorations. Unless you live in a concrete home, with concrete finishes, and you live your life as a

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A Splash Of Black


For many DIY designers, the color black is daunting. While it works easily in very modern designs, it can be trickier to implement in a traditional or transitional interior designs when the homeowner is one that prefers color. I find, however, that adding a splash of black

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