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Does Your Porch Need A Summertime Spruce?

The summertime is in full swing here in the Bay Area and as I drive over the Golden Gate bridge – watching all the out-of-town tourists shivering in shorts, flip flops and hoodies – I’m reminded that summer comes later – and stays longer – here in

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Shopping For Patio Furniture


April showers bring May flowers, right? That’s what we’re hoping for here in the Kristina Wolf Design studio anyway. While we’re thrilled about all the rain our state has absorbed this year, we’re ready to turn our sites on sunshiny weather – and that means more time

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Vegetable Gardening For The Beginner


Our household has grown vegetables in some way, shape or form for years now. Some seasons, our garden has been very simple and others have been more elaborate – depending on who was inspired and what our summertime activity levels were. Tomatoes are a given, as are

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5 Interior Design Principles You Can Use In Your Backyard


The lines between indoor and outdoor living spaces continue to blur. Where backyards once consisted of a poured patio, a furniture set and a lawn space, modern backyards are like extensions of the home. Landscape design companies are flourishing these days, and while there are some differences

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Attracting Butterflies To Your Garden


Where are your favorite places to hang out? Odds are, you flock to places with scenery you find attractive and where the food and drinks are scrumptious. Butterflies are no different. These fascinating, ephemeral, winged creatures enjoy gardens that offer a variety of brightly colored flowers, tasty

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Preparing Your Backyard For Spring

Winter is the season for focusing on the interior of your home since darker, colder, and wetter days keep us from our favorite outdoor activities. Once spring is on the horizon, however, that balance begins to shift and it’s time to focus more on the outdoors. 7

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Making Your Porch Scream Autumn

Decorating the porch is a great way to welcome any seasonal change. Autumn is a favorite season for many here in the Bay Area since we get to enjoy the best of both worlds – warm, sunny days and crisp, cool nights. Adorning the porch with fall

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The Perfect Color for Your Homes Exterior


In an effort to save costs, modern subdivision contractors often use a two-color exterior color palette: a base color for the main field and a complementary color for accent and trim pieces. Period. In fact, your home’s exterior can have up to four or more different colors,

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12 Ways To Pretty Up Your Patio


In the past, a bistro table and chair set with a few hanging plants was enough to call your patio complete. Now, patios are being designed as social centers, extra living space and retreat spaces where residents and guests can make the most of the outdoors. 12

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The Perfect Front Door Color


Your home’s front door is almost like the smile on your face; it’s a welcome beacon for family, friends and unexpected guests. In fact, the front door is considered by many cultures to be like the mouth of the home, and you must be careful about the

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