Design A Luxury Master Bathroom You’ll Never Want To Leave

design a luxury master bathroom you'll never want to leave

Is your master bathroom ready to become a luxury master bathroom? If so, you have a world of luxury options at your fingertips. Over the course of the past ten years, master bathroom designs have shifted from attractively functional, to oasis-like in terms of looks and the myriad of high-tech selections available.

Step-by-Step Planning Of Your Luxury Master Bathroom Oasis

Here are some of the points to ponder as you begin planning your luxury master bathroom remodel. As always, I recommend at least one or two consults with a professional interior designer to glean ideas and professional insight. That single investment yields a timeless design that brings satisfaction for years to come.

Review the bathroom layout

If you have a very small bathroom and aren’t able to expand it, your current layout might be the only option. However, many homeowners take their current layout for granted. Like kitchen layouts, your bathroom design will benefit from any changes that make it easier or more comfortable to go about your day-to-day routine.

Would putting a countertop across from the existing countertop help you and your mate (or you and the kids) get ready faster in the morning? Is there a wasted corner space that could be used to expand a soaking tub or shower area? Is there room to add a more private spot for the toilet so toileting remains separate from showering, bathing, or brushing one’s teeth?

Take the time to think about how you use your master bathroom space so you and your designer can create a layout and flow that accommodates that.

Ask how long you plan to be there? Or who your optimal buyer would be?

Do you see yourself staying in your home well into your retirement? If you plan to sell it, is your optimal buyer a baby boomer? If so, consider using universal design principles so the bathroom remains accessible down the road. Universal design for bathrooms includes things like:

  • A curbless shower entry
  • Enough space to maneuver comfortably with mobility aids
  • Anti-slip materials on floors
  • Grab bars near the toilet, bath, and shower that are attractively incorporated into the tilework
  • Faucets and drawer pulls that don’t require a tight grip

Make your marble (or countertop) dreams come true

If you had your heart set on a gorgeous marble kitchen countertop, odds are the designer or builder tried to steer you clear. Marble is stunning, but it’s a softer stone, which makes it a detriment in a busy kitchen – susceptible to staining, etching, scratching, chipping and divots.

Bathrooms, however, are ideal for marble tile and slab. Other than beauty products, which can etch marble if you aren’t careful, bathrooms are used in softer ways and so this might be the perfect spot to bring your marble dreams to life. On the flip side, quartz continues to rise in popularity and granite remains a highly-desired natural stone product. Your goal is to evaluate the level of wear-and-tear that will take place in the master bathroom and then choose a beautiful countertop product that will last.

Soak tub, spa-like shower or both?

When I’m doing a whole-home remodel, I always go over whether or not a household really needs a formal dining room. These days, it’s a 50/50 (or 60/40) toss-up in favor of eliminating it. The soaking tub is the master bathroom equivalent of the formal dining room; in theory, it sounds great – in reality, it can be a serious space waster.

If you don’t take a bath more than a handful of times per year, I highly recommend forgoing the soaking tub in lieu of a luxury shower installation. From curbless entry and full, frameless glass surrounds, to comfortable benches, an array of faucet/sprayer options and steam shower elements – you can create a shower that is so soothing and relaxing that it gives you the same benefits of a long soak in the tub – – while keeping your bathroom free of a place-holder you don’t use.

Of course, if you have room for a soaking tub or jetted, whirlpool tub, by all means, you should go for it. The key is to ensure your bathroom has all the space you need, without wasting a single inch.

Consider heated floors a must-have

I can’t tell you how much I believe in the power of heated flooring. There is nothing like it. Heated bathroom floors keep your bathroom at a constant, comfortable temperature and ensure your feet are never shocked by hard, cold tiles on your way out of a steam shower or in the middle of a cold, winter night. Best of all, this upgrade is very energy-efficient since the square footage is minimal and they prevent the less-efficient need for kicking the heat up or using a space heater in the early morning or during the winter months.

Design a lighting plan specifically for your luxury master bathroom

Lighting plans are always an integral part of any home design, and that includes the bathroom spaces. In this space, I would prioritize just the right fixtures – and placement – around the vanity to avoid harsh glares and shadows. If you do install a soaking tub, you deserve to have a stylish suspended fixture hanging above you. Under cabinet lighting via the toe kick is another popular addition. Take advantage of dimmer switches so you can easily make the transition from task lighting to ambient lighting.

Take advantage of technology

There is so many ways technology is improving the high-end bathroom experience. This includes fancy toilets that clean themselves, clean you and offer ambient lighting, to customized aromatherapy and lighting options in your shower. You can also invest in built-in screens, displayed via mirrors and glass so you can watch the news or keep up with your favorite shows while you get ready in the morning. Take time to review your high-tech options, but only install those that make the most sense for your lifestyle.

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