Budget Friendly Tips For Re-Decorating Your Kitchen


While a full kitchen remodel might sound nice, the current budget may not accommodate your vision. Does that sound familiar? If so, you’ll appreciate these 10 easy and budget-friendly tips for redecorating your kitchen.

10 Tips to Redecorate Your Kitchen on a Dime (or two…)

  1. Consult with an interior designer. Interior designers are just as happy to be paid for a few hours of design consultation as they are to orchestrate a full remodel. This can be a great tool for running your ideas by a professional as well as gleaning a few ideas and tips.
  2. Switch out your light fixtures. Do you have an outdated suspended light fixture over your dining nook or island? Switch these out for contemporary replacements. You can get stunning light fixtures for pretty cheap and they will update your kitchen in a matter of minutes. It may even be worth it to get a quote from an electrician for wiring pendants, if you don’t already have them. That type of work is typically pretty affordable.
  3. Make-Your-Own island. Rather than paying for a more costly built-in island, you can easily convert an old dresser or table into an island instead. In some ways, this is an even better idea because its position is flexible and it can be moved out when/if needed.
  4. Consider cabinet refacing. Refacing your cabinets is typically half the price of building new ones. Your cabinet boxes will be reinforced and will look brand new when complete.
  5. Pick one thing. Which thing needs to be updated the most? Spend the bulk of your budget on that and use thrifty fixes for everything else. For example, replace your countertops and then repaint your cabinetry and replace the hardware over time. In most cases, the results will be just as good as a full remodel.
  6. Just add paint. A new coat of paint, especially if you select a new and improved color, will go a long way. Typically, a single can will be enough to do the trick since your cabinetry covers the bulk of the wall space. Speaking of cabinets, repainting your cabinets is another way to get a new leash on one of the most significant features in your kitchen. Consider using a two-tone approach for a designer-worthy finish. Try using a darker paint on lower cabinets and a lighter one on the uppers. Or, paint your kitchen island a different color than the perimeter cabinetry.
  7. Do an accessory overhaul. Look around on your counters. Are your accessories in the “20+ Years Old” category? Replace them with high-quality updated versions and donate anything that can be used or repurposed by someone else.
  8. Add open shelving. Contemporary and modern kitchen designs typically incorporate some type of open shelving. It is a clean look and gives you the opportunity to add a splash of color or interest based on what you choose to store there. Have an unused section of blank wall in your kitchen? Give it that fresh coat of paint and then install an open shelf or two.
  9. Remove upper cabinet doors. Like the idea of open shelving? You can remove the cabinet doors on some or all of your upper cabinetry for a completely different style. Fill any screw holes, repaint the boxes, and you’ll have an updated look for a very affordable price.
  10. DIY Fridge integration. Integrated refrigerators are all the rage but involve expensive new cabinet materials. If you’re at all handy, you can do-it-yourself. Check out the instructions (Q. #12) at theoldpaintedcottage.com.

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