Get Inspired With Pantone’s 2015 Color Palette

get-inspired-with-pantones-2015-color-paletteIf you aren’t a fashion or design aficionado, the word Pantone may mean nothing to you. But for those of us who are in the design industry, Pantone is a Mecca of sorts. Each year, the forward-thinking folks at Pantone predict the colors that will trend in the fashion and design world for the following year. So while they have just released 2015 Spring Palette they are already hard at work on the palettes that will be released for 2016.

Check Out Pantone’s 2015 Spring Color Palette to Inspire Your Future Interior Designs

In fact, one of the most exciting moments for those who are gaga for color is the announcement of Pantone’s “Color of the Year.” Once that press release hits (typically sometime in December, so keep your eyes posted), bloggers and designers go crazy, looking at how they can implement that particular shade in the homes and businesses of their clients.

We’ll let you know when the 2015 Color of the Year is announced. In the meantime, we are allowed access to the Spring palette and I have several ideas of how you can incorporate them into your home.

Look to the neutrals. Of course, every home decorator is looking for ways to enjoy an interior design that doesn’t require an overhaul each and every time Pantone releases a new color spread. That means creating a neutral palette and letting the easily-changed textiles, accents, art work and objects do the trendy color splashing. This spring, Pantone has selected a gorgeous Toasted Almond and this shade will look wonderful on walls, floors or large furnishings and will be just as attractive in five to ten years.

If you prefer cooler shades, the Glacier Gray is an equally appealing base color and will work well in modern designs. In this modern Craftsman, we used a similar gray on the wall and look how nicely it pairs with a canvas splashed with Tangerine – another of the Spring/Summer colors.

Make way for greens and blues. Perhaps one of the most notable things about this next season’s colors is their more understated hues (consider that last year’s Color of the Year was Radiant Orchid, which was about as vibrant as it gets!). In this newest palette, the greens and blues are present but they are all somewhat earthy and toned down, making them easier to integrate into homes that are less apt to use bold splashes of color.

Both the Classic Blue and Aqua Marine can be used in traditional interiors as well as their more modern counterparts. I can see them in window coverings, accent pillows or upholstery on your accent furniture pieces. If you like a little more life and energy, you can migrate into the Scuba Blue or Lucite Green departments. Look how a cabinet in a distressed-version of Scuba Blue adds a pop of color in this mostly neutral bungalow.

Warm up your home with a spring blush. Again, we see the even the blushier tones in the palette have a bit of earthiness to them, providing a more mature aesthetic. On the lighter side of the spectrum there is Strawberry Ice, which sounds like a cooler pink but still has enough warmth to work either way. On the darker side, Pantone offers Marsala, which they consider to be the foundation of the Spring/Summer palette. We used Marsala accents in a San Francisco living room design to add warmth and depth to the interior.

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