What’s Your Interior Design Style?


Some of us know exactly what we want and how we want it when it comes to a remodel or interior design overhaul. Others, not so much. While you know you need a change, and you admire the pictures you see on websites like Houzz, your likes and tastes may run all over the map, which makes it hard to decide on what particular design style. That’s okay!

With a little inward focus and assistance from a professional interior designer, your personal design tastes will be revealed to you.

6 Steps You Can Take To Figure Out Your Interior Design Style

  1. Take a look at your life. The first step is to take a look at your current interior. Walk around and put small post-it notes on any items that you Love (based on aesthetics, not sentimental value). Once you’re done: What do they have in common? What’s different? If you’re lucky, you may see right away that you love bold bright colors or that neutral beach cottage themes are more your style. If not, no worries. We’ll just keep on going.
  2. Take a look at the world outside. Take a walk around your neighborhood. Which homes catch your eye? Do you like modern, Frank Lloyd Wright-style homes or do you tend to wax nostalgic at the ornate Victorians? Snap pictures or start a written tally of the architectural styles that make your heart happy. This might not mean anything to you but it will be an informational gem for your interior designer.
  3. Be snoopy in the homes of friends and neighbors. Start inviting yourself over to your friends’ and neighbors’ houses so you can really check out their interiors. Which ones are your favorites? What stands out about them to you? Are they peaceful or full of energy (the decor, not the people)? Are they minimal or ornate? Do they have lots of clean lines and hard edges or are there lots of curves and soft spots? Would you call them warm or cool? All these clues lead the way to your own personal style.
  4. Describe your ultimate vacation getaway. What does the setting look like? If you love the idea of a cabin in the woods, surrounded by trees, meadows and the sky – you may prefer a more neutral interior with natural color accents. If your idea of a vacation involves lots of days lying on a tropical beach, listening to marimba bands and consuming drinks with umbrellas, your style may be a little more upbeat and colorful.
  5. Make a collage. Yes, yes – digital design books are awesome but when you’re trying to determine your interior design style, you’re better off with a hands-on activity. Put a pile of home design magazines together, sit in a comfortable spot and start tearing out the pictures that capture your attention. Try to keep your brain out of it. Don’t analyze or judge, just rip it all out. Then you can start to create a collage – weeding out anything that doesn’t dazzle you the second time around. This is an immensely helpful tool for you to bring to your designer the first time you meet for a consult.
  6. Take online quizzes. These things can kind of be addicting – and they can also be visually overwhelming – so take them in the right moment. Like the collage idea, always go with the first reaction your body gives you with out analyzation. Try Style Engine or What’s Your Signature?

Now you have a great head start. Bring your answers and images to Kristina Wolf Design and we’ll take care of the rest.

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