The Couch Is For More Than Just Sitting On, It’s A Statement

The primary job of your home’s furnishings is to serve a function; the bed is for sleeping, the dressers are for storing clothes and your couch is for sitting and relaxing while you watch television, read or converse with your family and friends.

Even though these furniture pieces are functional, interior designers view them as an opportunity to make a statement. We feel their form is almost as important as their function since they add style and visual appeal to living spaces.

Tips for Selecting a Couch That Enhances Your Living Room’s Appeal

The couch is one of the largest furniture pieces in your home. It often takes center stage in your living and family rooms. As such, it’s important that you spend time finding the right size, shape, color etc., so that it enhances your interior design. There’s no way to hide an ill-selected couch.

Here are the things you will want to keep in mind when selecting a new couch for your living room, family room or great room. By taking the time beforehand to get particular about your needs, you’ll be able to invest in a couch that will be at home in its space for years to come.

Consider the size. Perhaps the first item of business is to determine the correct size and shape for your couch. You want your living room furnishings to be proportional with the room’s dimensions, as well as with each other. If your room is larger, opt for an L- or U-shaped couch, which often includes a chaise lounge-like section for relaxing. These are also good for open floor plans as they help to create a division between living areas. Choose one that can be set up with the small end of the L on either side so its arrangement can be changed if necessary. If you have a smaller space, you will want to look for linear couches that can be integrated into a corner or form a low-profile along a wall.

What’s the couch’s function? How does your family use the couch? If you often  relax at the end of that day with your DVR line-up of favorite shows, you’ll want to make sure it’s in front of the TV. If your family enjoys reading, see if you can get it somewhere with ample natural daylighting and then have floor and table lamps on hand for nighttime.

Material options. If you have little ones or pets, we recommend choosing leather couches for their easy maintenance and clean up. You can also look for couches that are upholstered using indoor/outdoor fabrics, which are very durable and easy-to-clean, or you can find a high-quality used couch and have it reupholstered. Another good idea is to select a couch with removable and washable covers so you don’t have to hire a professional upholstery cleaner every time an unavoidable accident occurs.

Choose a couch that suits your style. If you’re a modernist you can choose something sleek and contemporary or have fun and go a little eclectic. Traditionalists will appreciate couches with curves, including sculpted legs and feet. If you fall somewhere in the middle, opt for a transitional couch that will look at home regardless of your your accents and accessories evolve over time.

Color or Pattern? If you have major reservations regarding a colorful or patterned couch, I recommend choosing a neutral couch color and changing other furnishings to get the pop of color or pattern you want. However, re-upholstering is easy and affordable so be brave and know you can always go back to conservative if necessary.

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