Marvelous Mirrored Furniture

marvelous-mirrored-furnitureMirrors are one of the oldest design tricks in the book. In addition to reflecting whether you’re having a good or bad hair day, or if a particular wardrobe ensemble is a “go”, they can also be used to enhance your living spaces. Usually, when we designers talk about mirrors, we’re talking about the typical mirrors that hang on a wall. However, mirrored furniture also has a place in the home.

Is There Room For Mirrored Furniture in Your Interior Design?

It can serve all the same purposes a traditional mirror would – amplify lighting, double the impact of a particular design feature or to make a room seem larger. The difference is that mirrored furniture does it in a unique way. A mirrored desk, dresser, dining room buffet or other pieces can be a fun way to add a little glamour while taking advantage of a tried and true interior design tip.

Here are some examples:

Go Metallic. Because mirrors are metallic by nature, they can make a dramatic splash in a spot where you already have other metallic accents or mirrors. Look at how classy this mirrored dresser looks with the mirror hanging above and the arrangement of metallic silver framed pictures on top. While this particular example is from a bedroom, I think this idea would work exceptionally well in an entryway – particularly one that is lacking natural light. It would go a long way towards brightening up (what can be) a cavernous space.

Create a See-Thru Effect. Lately, I have seen acrylic and glass furniture making a larger appearance, especially in contemporary interior designs. They are great for maintaining a more integrated look but they aren’t for everyone. Mirrored furniture can be a good alternative for those who aren’t 100% sold on clear acrylic or glass options, especially because the entire piece doesn’t have to be mirrored. In the case of a desk or buffet, you can have a single mirrored panel or two set in a beautiful piece of wood, which can give you the benefit of the “see-thru” effect while still maintaining a traditional look.

Open Up a Smaller Space. Have a smaller bedroom, office or den? Use mirrored furniture the same way you would if it were hanging on the wall. A non-mirrored desk or nightstand squished between a bed and the wall can look cramped. The same desk with a mirrored surface reflects the space back at you, creating the illusion of openness. Now, that same “squished” corner looks decidedly more spacious.

In Lieu of the Real Thing. Sometimes, a room just doesn’t have enough space to accommodate all of the furniture you want it to while leaving enough space for a nice-sized wall mirror. Guest bedrooms with a large window or two comes to mind. Choosing a mirrored armoire is a great idea because your guests still have a mirrored surface for dressing purposes and you get to keep your well-proportioned layout.

Just Because. Finally, I offer the “just because” reason. There are times where the mirrored look is stunning. Take a look at how this mirrored buffet steals the show. The mirrored panels are tucked behind that beautiful dark wood in geometric designs. It is like an optical illusion of sorts – is it glass or is it mirror? And the reflections that wink back at you from the geometric cut-outs add a visually interesting element to the space.

Not sure whether or not you want to take the mirrored plunge? Start small with a single piece and see how it strikes you. Or, contact Kristina Wolf Design for professional design assistance.

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