Creating Space In Your Bedroom Closet


Is your bedroom closet beginning to look like one of those Sunday morning cartoons – you open the door and a pile of stuff comes crashing down on your head? Or, maybe you’re just tired of standing in front of a cramped, crowded hodge-podge of “stuff” that prevents you from being able to see the forest for the trees. In either case, finding a way to create more space in your bedroom closet can pave the way for a more functional and organized space.

Tips for Organizing and Creating More Space in Your Closet

The following tips can help you to cleanse, organize and create more space so your bedroom closet is actually useful again.

  1. Take everything out. Forget about flipping through item by item. If your closet is a jumble, it’s time to take everything out and re-think how your closet is organized. It’s also an opportunity to remember that you haven’t worn that particular outfit in more than five years (dump it) or that as much as you loved those maternity items, you really aren’t going to have another baby (it’s probably time to donate them to someone who will use them)…and so on. Cleansing the closet of unused stuff, and the clothing and accessories that no longer suit you, can be an immediate space-gainer.
  2. Be ruthless. When it comes to cleansing, it’s easiest to be ruthless. The one-year rule is the best one; if you haven’t used it or worn it in a year, you don’t need it. If this is hard for you, create a small “3-month” section and put a reminder in your calendar. If you use an item from the “3-month” section before the calendar reminder, add it back to the main closet area. If you haven’t, bag what’s left in there and donate it.
  3. Contact a contractor or design professional. There may be available space via soffits or interior wall recesses that can be gained with a minimal amount of construction work. If you want a larger closet, contact a professional contractor or designer and begin exploring your options. This might literally gain you more space.
  4. Think about your closet proportions. Most professional closet design companies use no more than two-thirds of a closet space for stacked, hanging rods. The rest should be dedicated to shelving for folded clothing, organizer baskets, shoe holders and accessory drawers. You can replicate this model on your own. Closet rods should be mounted at least 12-inches away from the wall and the bottom rod should be just over three-feet from the ground. Limit shelf heights to no more than 10-inches so things can’t get jumbled up.
  5. Move seasonal items elsewhere. If you don’t already have an extra-large suitcase available, purchase a cheap version. A large, plastic storage bin will also work. Start rotating seasonal clothing, like sweaters, most of your sweatshirts, heavy pants, boots, etc. with their opposites. Throw in some lavender sachets to keep things smelling fresh. Then store the out-of-season clothes elsewhere – in the rafters of your garage, under the bed, in a guest room closet etc. Your closet space will open up considerably.
  6. Use a professional closet organizer. DIY closet organization is an affordable option but nothing beats the use of a professional closet organizing company who can come in, evaluate what you have and then design specific storage spaces to accommodate it. It’s a design modification that will make a major impact and will continue to be useful years down the road.

Have you recently reorganized your bedroom closet? Which actions made the most impact? Share your tips in the comment box below.

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