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Kristina Wolf Design focuses on interior designs that are accurate reflections of the clients who dwell inside them. Your home is your sanctuary from the outside world, and is a microcosm of activity in and of itself. Therefore, your interior design should not only serve as a personal reflection of your taste and style, it should also accommodate your everyday lifestyle. Our job is to get to know you, incorporate you into our design team, and then begin making the color, textile, furnishings and artistic selections that will make your house a Home. Bolen Residence Creating a cohesive, aesthetically pleasing and functional residential interior design relies on communication, creativity, and commitment to the process. Before we begin on any design, we make sure that we are a good fit for our clients’ needs. Once our relationship has been established, we proceed with the design process holding the overarching goal of creating a design experience that is stress-free, enjoyable and in which the final results exceed your expectations.

Kristina Wolf Design Uses a  Simple and Personalized Interior Design Approach

The following steps outline our approach for creating attractive interior designs that reflect the tastes and lifestyles of our clients.

  1. We get to know you. Your interior design is all about you, not about another attractive picture in our design portfolio, or a cookie cutter copy of something you’ve seen online. We want to learn about your style preferences, your design dislikes and your tolerance for transition. It’s also important to know how your home is used on a daily and special event basis so we can create a design that accommodates your lifestyle year-round.
  2. Discuss budget and timeline. Your budget and timeline will determine whether we move forward with a full-scale interior design project or whether we implement a multi-phase approach to ensure your transitional and finished design meets your current and future needs.
  3. The research phase. Once you have done your “homework,” and we feel clear that we understand and agree on the main objectives, our team will get to work researching options and developing considerations based on your budget and timeline.
  4. Make the primary selections. You will be able to select from the design options we provide for you, and we can work together to tweak and amend them until they are exactly right.
  5. Get to work. Once everything is agreed upon, we will get to work making your interior design dreams a reality. Our team will update you regularly regarding the status of your project so you never feel out of the loop. We are absolute pros at putting out fires, resolving conflicts, and handling unexpected challenges as they come up – it’s all a part of the interior design process.
  6. The finishing touches. As your project nears completion, we will work closely with you to place furniture and furnishings, select unique artistic accents, install wall hangings and add all the other little extras that provide the finishing touches to the finished design.
  7. Enjoy the final product. Now it’s time to sit back, relax, and revel in an interior design that reflects your personality and accommodates your lifestyle. This is a good time to prepare gracious responses to the myriad of compliments you’ll receive from family and friends.

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