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Often, the most important elements of personalized home design are the custom pieces that show off existing architectural features, enhance a room’s function or flow, or that work unbelievably well with  existing or high-quality ready-made furnishings. For this reason, the Kristina Wolf Design Team travels all over the world forging connections with some of the industry’s top artisans, designers and furniture fabricators. When we can “see” a specific piece of furniture required to complete your interior design, we know exactly how to make it happen when we can’t find it elsewhere, or when what we find isn’t up to your standards.

If you are interested in creating a personalized and stylish interior design using custom furniture, contact Kristina Wolf Design, or give us a call at (510) 848-8773.


Custom Furniture Means High-Quality, Long-lasting Furniture That’s a Perfect Fit for Your Design

Once we begin working with clients, it is often evident that their interior design would be enhanced with a very particular piece of furniture. The clients and I can see it in our minds’ eyes, but that doesn’t mean we can easily find the piece via the regular venues. This is especially true if the pieces need to be an exact dimension or we have an idea for a very specific antique or stylized aesthetic. In these cases, custom, hand-made furniture is the way to go.

In addition to enhancing your design, custom furniture pieces hold greater value in the end, and they make wonderful family heirlooms. There are several reasons we most often choose custom furniture over prefabricated versions. In addition to higher-quality and longevity, custom furniture is used:

To fit our vision. Sometimes, it takes a custom furniture design to meet a particular vision or our clients’ ethical standards. This is particularly true for clients who are committed to eco-friendly remodeling and interior designs to ensure all materials are harvested sustainably, contain organic fabrics or fibers, and contain low- to no-VOC adhesives, paints, finishes, etc. Sometimes, you just want a piece of furniture that is a work of art in its own right.

To fit a particular space. Have a room with a unique shape, height or proportions? Custom furniture will help you to keep the room both attractive and functional. This can be especially true for older, restored homes as well as older, converted apartment and townhouses where the dimensions are in line with a different era, rather than the standard dimensions contemporary furniture is designed for today.

To meet your functional needs. Perhaps your family is taller, or shorter, than average. You want to find couches, chairs and tables that accommodate your physical proportions comfortably. In other cases, you may work at home with your desk, workspace and supplies housed in a corner. Rather than buying obviously pre-engineered furniture, we can design an attractive set of furniture that reflects your taste and is made just for you.

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Do you have a particular vision for your interior design that requires a specific piece or two of furniture? Contact Kristina Wolf Design or give us a call: (510) 848-8773 . We look forward to making your vision a three-dimensional reality.

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