How Many Throw Pillows Is Too Many?


Yes, in fact, there IS such a thing as too many throw pillows. Some signs that your couch or bed suffers from grandusthrowpillowitis include: You can’t sit or lay down without a full pillow removal process. Guests often stand, rather than sit, because they are afraid of

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Natural Holiday Decor That Doesn’t Scream Christmas


Are you getting burned out on Santa Claus, Rudolph and little elves? It’s easy to accumulate a hodge-podge of holiday decorations, many of which may not suit your tastes or your home’s style anymore. If this is the case for you, it may be time to donate

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O Christmas Tree!


I remember going to the Christmas Tree Lot as a young girl, torn between my love of aesthetic perfection (which led to my career as an interior designer) and the unwillingness to “hurt any of the trees’ feelings.” Now, with my own home as well as the

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6 Ways To Spruce Up Your Entryway


Your porch is all ready to greet your holiday guests when they pull up to the house. But how’s your entryway looking once they cross the threshold? Creating a welcoming and noteworthy entryway makes a wonderful first impression. In fact, the “tone” of the household is set

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It’s Time To Get Cozy


Transitioning the home from summer to fall is more about aesthetic color, mood and theme. Between fall and winter, climate comes more noticeably into play – grayer skies, rainy (or snowy) weather, truly c-o-l-d temperatures that make you shiver – – those require more than just visual

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Preparing For Thanksgiving


Hosting beloved family and friends at your home on Thanksgiving has such a wonderful, idyllic and dreamy quality to it – until the date is visible on the current calendar page and you realize all of the little bits and bobs that need to come together to

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7 Ways To Use A Serving Cart

Furniture can be divided into three categories: pieces you use daily, pieces you use weekly, and pieces you hardly ever use. To a minimalist designer, the latter category is clutter, filling up unnecessary space. A traditionalist will look at that piece differently, allowing it to remain as

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Choosing Furniture

Let’s go furniture shopping! There’s an exciting thought. Until you think it. Then it can seem somewhat daunting. Furnishing a home is no easy feat and the ultimate goal should be to select timeless pieces that can be used for decades to come – even if their

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Making Your Porch Scream Autumn

Decorating the porch is a great way to welcome any seasonal change. Autumn is a favorite season for many here in the Bay Area since we get to enjoy the best of both worlds – warm, sunny days and crisp, cool nights. Adorning the porch with fall

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Taking Your Interiors From Summer To Fall


If you’re a serial reader of all things home design, you know “Seasonal Design” can actually be pretty labor intensive. Kudos to you if you have the time, energy and drive to paint an accent wall in an autumnal color, or if you’re willing to purchase a

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