Open Shelving In The Kitchen

There are so many reasons why it makes sense to include open shelving in your kitchen. The good news is that they work well in large and small kitchens, as well as both modern and traditional designs. The bad news is that careless attention to design will

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Accessorizing Your Home

Accessories are an important part of interior design; they add color, character and – perhaps best of all – they are more temporary design elements. Unlike cabinets or countertops, kitchen layout or furniture – accessories are easy to move around, sell, donate or move on when you’re

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Falling For Fall


I’m certainly falling for fall – are you? This time a year I get absolutely giddy. Why? Because autumn is on its way. Fall is my favorite season and I think that’s the case for many interior designers. It’s a season where we can make the most

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What Is Eco-Friendly Interior Design?


The word “green” is flying hither and yon these days and it can be hard to tell what it really means, if it means anything at all and how authentic the term really is. In this part of the 21st century, there are eco-friendly things happening all

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Making The Most Of Your Open Floor Plan

I’ll be honest; I’m particularly fond of the open floor plan trend that just keeps on trending. To be sure, there are advantages to compartmentalization – especially when it comes to privacy and/or hiding the mess from guests. However, in my experience, the pros of open floor

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Adding Your Own Architectural Details


The Bay Area is one of the few locations along the West Coast where you can enjoy the amazing architecture of the Victorian, Gilded Age, Craftsman, and American Bungalow-era homes – all in the same neighborhoods. More contemporary homes often lack the gorgeous architectural features and details

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Your Walls: Colorful Or Neutral

Deciding on which color(s) to paint your walls is no easy feat. Some design blogs advocate bold and bright splashes of color while others preach about neutral canvases upon which you can “splash” color around using textiles, furnishings and other (less permanent) accents. So which design theory

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Choosing Flooring For Your Home, Style And Everyday Use

The standard home flooring (in the last few decades, at least…) has been: carpet in the main living areas and vinyl or tile in the kitchen and bathrooms. In this model, you chose one carpet color and that was the mainstay throughout the home. Now, however, homes

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Brightening Up Your Whole Home


Have a room or corner that looks a little dark or neglected? Perhaps it’s been a while since you took an objective look at your home’s interior. Are the walls a bit scuffed? Are certain furnishings looking a little shabby? It might be time to brighten things

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Simple Ways To Add Charm And Character


Even a serial modernist can’t help but acknowledge that older homes have charm and character. There’s something special about architecture from years gone by, not to mention the wood work and unique details that were more common in the everyday homes of the earlier 20th century and

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