History Of The Gingerbread House

First, there were your children’s – or your own – simple graham cracker “gingerbread” houses made in boy scouts, girl scouts or other youth group organizations as part of the holiday craft making sessions. Then, you may have created gingerbread patterns yourself one year, baking sheets of

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Kitchen Organization Is Good For You


You won’t believe what’s possible when you so something as simple as organizing your kitchen. Okay, well, maybe “simple” is not quite the word for it…but you know what I mean. This seemingly mundane task will allow you to shed years or even decades of serving-, cook-

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Making Spirits Bright With A Beautiful Tree

Even if I wasn’t a huge fan of the holiday season, I still think I’d put a Christmas tree in my home and decorate it. In this season where we spend more hours in the dark than the light, there is something so peaceful and inspiring about

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Decorating Difficult Spaces


Sometimes, a space is challenging to work with. Perhaps the window placement and/or entryways make it difficult to arrange furniture the way you’re used to. Furniture may block entrances or traffic flow is such that it interrupts the conversational paths. Or, perhaps you have tiny nooks or

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Shelves 101


When I first sit down to consult with new clients, I rarely hear, “We just can’t wait to show you what we have planned for the shelving…” Shelves are one of those items that fade into the background of renovating, selecting paint colors or wallpaper, re-designing layouts,

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Creating A Warm And Inviting Dining Room


It’s time to do a bit of fall cleaning, change the linens on the guest room bed, and get your house in company order. Holiday season is entertaining season, and that means your dining room will be seeing a lot more action over the course of the

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How To Make Choosing The Perfect Wallpaper A Non-Issue

Don’t neglect the idea of wallpaper when you’re looking for a way to add color, pattern or visual interest to a living space. Unlike paint, which is typically applied in a single color – or requires significantly accurate measuring and taping to create a perfect pattern –

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Kitchen Countertops 101


The success of your interior design is based largely on your ability to choose materials, finishes and textiles that satisfy both short and long-term design goals. If you do that, you’ll enjoy the updated home design year after year, and decade after decade. Making the wrong material

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Your Guest Room: Designing A Home Away From Home


Here’s a little confession: I know exactly which family and out-of-town friends have the most comfortable guest bedrooms to stay in, and I often base my length of “available visit time” accordingly. Do you blame me? While I can roll with the punches to a point, there

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Interior Design For Multi-Generational Households


With the rising costs of living – not to mention senior communities – multi-generational households are coming back in style. According to Pew Research, the number of people living in multi-generational houses has doubled over the past three decades, and that trend isn’t expected to change anytime

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