Vegetable Gardening For The Beginner


Our household has grown vegetables in some way, shape or form for years now. Some seasons, our garden has been very simple and others have been more elaborate – depending on who was inspired and what our summertime activity levels were. Tomatoes are a given, as are

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Adding Greenery


Humans have always brought a little bit of Mother Nature indoors – from fresh cut flowers as a kitchen table centerpiece to bundles of dried herbs hanging from the rafters; the reality is that our species derives a sense of peace and connection when we integrate nature

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Throw Rugs


Do you have hardwood or another type of hard-surface flooring? Are you struggling to create some sort of boundary between different areas in an open living space? Are your feet freezing when they hit the ground, or is the sound of your dogs’ clickety-clack driving you crazy?

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Updating Your Pantry

Does your kitchen pantry look like a pantry? Or does it resemble a post-tornado disaster scene? Like the guest bedroom storage closet and the kitchen junk drawer, pantries tend to go from tidy and organized, to a big jumbled mess, faster than you can say, “Hon? Have

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Decorating A Narrow Hallway

Some areas of the home are more difficult to design or decorate than others. We’ve written a few posts on Decorating Difficult Spaces and designing the entryway. Narrow hallways are another one of those home design areas that present a challenge. There isn’t room for a bench,

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Choosing The Perfect Kitchen Cabinet Color


Kitchen cabinets comprise the largest area of visual square footage in your kitchen. The right design style and color choices have a huge impact on your completed kitchen design. The wrong choice – well, it’s enough to make you wish you could start the design process all

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Budget-Friendly Fireplace Mantel Upgrades


Here in the Bay Area, fireplaces serve as a cozy addition to weekends and evenings leading all the way up until spring. Even after chilly evenings turn warm, most living room seating arrangements position the fireplace front and center – so it’s worth creating a mantel worth gazing

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How To Get That Cozy Cabin Feel


We’ve all seen those amazing room transformations, typically in a child’s bedroom, where the room is converted into an under the seascape, a pirate ship lagoon or a tropical jungle. It’s pretty unbelievable what a little ingenuity and artistry can make happen. You, too, can enjoy a

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Got The Winter Blues? Try Rearranging The Furniture!

Days of endless wind and rain make us all a little crazy this time of year. When I start to feel that restless itch, I know exactly what to do –use cooped up weekend days to rearrange things. When I was a girl, my friends and I

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What Color Says About You


Talking about favorite colors can feel like a rather empty, “getting to know you” type topic that doesn’t hold much weight. During the younger years, little girls often hold staunchly to pink while boys may advocate for blue. As they age, children will often use colors as

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