Palo Alto Craftsman

This gorgeous Craftsman sits in the heart of Palo Alto.  Working with our clients on this project brought us an incredible amount of joy, particularly as it had what we love best, a design challenge! The homeowners had diverse opinions on what would make their home just

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Family Room vs Great Room: What’s The Difference?

family room vs great room the room

While the general structure of a western home – floor, roof walls – haven’t changed much in the past several hundred years, the internal spaces continue to morph and evolve over time. From one- and two-room structures, to homes that had formal parlors or outdoor kitchens, the

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What To Do With That Spare Room?

Spare Room Empty Room

Do you have a spare room without a plan? Lucky you! Whether you’ve recently purchased a home with a bonus room, or the last chick just flew the coop, an extra room can feel like a gold mine – but only if you know what to do

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Modern & Neutral


While modern interiors are certainly trending right now, the adjectives that describe them aren’t always very attractive: sleek, streamlined, lines, cold, hard, glossy. They don’t necessarily make you feel warm and fuzzy inside, and modern interiors are often criticized for not being comfortable or inviting. I have

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Shopping For Patio Furniture


April showers bring May flowers, right? That’s what we’re hoping for here in the Kristina Wolf Design studio anyway. While we’re thrilled about all the rain our state has absorbed this year, we’re ready to turn our sites on sunshiny weather – and that means more time

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Egg Dying: Food Coloring And BEYOND

Easter egg dying is a spring time given in our home. Like pumpkin carving or gingerbread houses, it’s a tradition that has passed down through the generations. Growing up – and then when my kids were younger – dying eggs meant purchasing a PAAS kit and getting

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Senior Friendly Design


Are you first-time homeowners who would love to never move again? Are you baby-boomers interested in aging-in-place, rather than moving into a retirement or assisted living community? Are you a homeowner interested in selling your home as quickly as possible and for top-dollar? Do you plan to

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The Tiny House Movement


The tiny house movement is holding steady. Birthed amidst a trifecta of events – tiny houses were inspired by the market crash of 2008, the uprising of new college grads that refuse to take on large mortgage debt when already up to their ears in school loans,

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Bringing Color Into Your Laundry Room

If you have a busy household, odds are you spend hours per week doing laundry. In my opinion, any chore requiring that much time and life force deserves a beautiful space in which to work. Adding color to the laundry room brings new energy and a re-inspired

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How To Use Mirrors


As an interior designer, mirrors are more than a reflective surface or decorative bonus – mirrors are problem solvers. They can become just about anything a design needs such as open, brighten, sparkle, redirection or focus. It’s all in how you use them. Mirror, Mirror on the

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Kristina Wolf Design creates memorable interiors in harmony with your personal vision, with minimal stress. Whether it’s a new home interior or the perfect color palette for a paint project, we'll deepen the connection between you and your home while honoring your objectives, schedule and budget.

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