How Long Will The Project Last?


One of the first questions clients typically ask is, “How long will my interior design project take to complete?” Of course, as you may have guessed, there is no straightforward answer to this because there are so many variables to contend with . There are project averages,

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What’s Your Interior Design Style?


Some of us know exactly what we want and how we want it when it comes to a remodel or interior design overhaul. Others, not so much. While you know you need a change, and you admire the pictures you see on websites like Houzz, your likes

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Interior Designer vs Interior Decorator

The terms interior designer and interior decorator are sometimes used interchangeably, and yet they are not the same thing at all. The advent of HGTV and the rise of interior design programs in popular culture has helped to mend this gap but I still see them bandied

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Taking Advantage Of Your Open Floor Plan


Open floor plans are all the rage these days and it’s hard to imagine them going out of style. They are wonderful for unifying family spaces – allowing sight lines between the kitchen, dining and living areas – and they are also ideal for those who like

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Flooring: Choosing The Right Color


Whether you’re choosing carpet, hardwood or laminate flooring, there are color choices to contend with. In the case of hardwood and laminate options, colors will be lighter or darker wood stain options. In the case of carpet, the color world is you oyster. The following guide will

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Being Prepared For A Bathroom Renovation


Bathroom renovations – they can be relatively painless, like when the bathroom is a rarely used powder room. OR, they can be a bit more involved, like when the bathroom in question is attached to your bedroom sanctuary or sends the entire family into your bathroom while

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Texture And Interior Design


Style, color and patterns are all instrumental in creating a cohesive interior design. Even if you adhere closely to all three of these, however, your design will fall a bit flat if you don’t also pay attention to texture. Texture Makes an Interior More Interesting Texture can

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Making That College Dorm Stylish


College dorms are the ultimate “shared design experience,” especially freshman year when you don’t know much about your dorm mates. In many cases, college dorm rooms end up looking like two halves of completely different wholes – with a nearly visible line down the middle. The ultimate

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7 Questions To Ask Your Potential Interior Designer


Did you know you don’t have to hire the first interior designer you schedule a consultation with? Quite the opposite. Your consultations should be viewed more like professional interviews. It’s a chance for you and designer to sit down, talk about your hopes and visions, and get

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Creating Space In Your Bedroom Closet


Is your bedroom closet beginning to look like one of those Sunday morning cartoons – you open the door and a pile of stuff comes crashing down on your head? Or, maybe you’re just tired of standing in front of a cramped, crowded hodge-podge of “stuff” that

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