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Glossary Of Interior Design


Like any industry, interior design is rife with terminology and phraseology that is bantered about by professionals on a regular basis. While this is fine in a group of professional colleagues, it’s not quite fair when the audience includes those who are less familiar with interior design

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Making A Statement With Oversized Art


Are you done with organizing all your smaller prints and family photos on gallery walls and shelves? Perhaps it’s time to think bigger – like, a LOT bigger – and go oversized. Contrary to what you might think – it can be easier to deal with oversized

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Getting That Kitchen Organized


Last month, we did a piece in homage of the generations’ old spring cleaning and organizing tradition. For most of us, the kitchen is one of the most cluttered area of the home. Even if things look suspiciously neat and tidy from on the surface, opening just

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Attracting Butterflies To Your Garden


Where are your favorite places to hang out? Odds are, you flock to places with scenery you find attractive and where the food and drinks are scrumptious. Butterflies are no different. These fascinating, ephemeral, winged creatures enjoy gardens that offer a variety of brightly colored flowers, tasty

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Bring Your Vision to Life

Kristina Wolf Design creates memorable interiors in harmony with your personal vision, with minimal stress. Whether it’s a new home interior or the perfect color palette for a paint project, we'll deepen the connection between you and your home while honoring your objectives, schedule and budget.

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