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How To Choose And Hang Curtains


If it were just a matter of picking a color or pattern, selecting window curtains would be a relatively simple choice. Alas, there is so much more involved to have a clean, finished and stylish look. Choosing curtains that accomplish the intended purpose(s), and look great while

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Getting Creative With Holiday Lights

Watching the light shows pop up one by one throughout the neighborhood is a highlight of the holiday season. It’s pretty amazing how people can use the same basic equipment – strings of white or colored lights – and come up with such varied results. There are

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How Many Throw Pillows Is Too Many?


Yes, in fact, there IS such a thing as too many throw pillows. Some signs that your couch or bed suffers from grandusthrowpillowitis include: You can’t sit or lay down without a full pillow removal process. Guests often stand, rather than sit, because they are afraid of

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Natural Holiday Decor That Doesn’t Scream Christmas


Are you getting burned out on Santa Claus, Rudolph and little elves? It’s easy to accumulate a hodge-podge of holiday decorations, many of which may not suit your tastes or your home’s style anymore. If this is the case for you, it may be time to donate

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