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Making Your Finished Basement A Welcoming Space


What is the ambiance down in your home’s basement? Is it a place your kids and their friends use as the dark, dank dungeon in their imaginary play? Do you use it for laundry and random storage but not much else? In other words, is your basement

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Arranging Living Room Furniture


Arranging furniture is often a process of trial-and-error and, odds are, if you’ve moved into a new home or planning to remodel the one you’re in, it will take a few different arrangements before you land on the living room furniture placement that suits your family or

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The Perfect Color for Your Homes Exterior


In an effort to save costs, modern subdivision contractors often use a two-color exterior color palette: a base color for the main field and a complementary color for accent and trim pieces. Period. In fact, your home’s exterior can have up to four or more different colors,

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Stripes add pattern, depth and interest to an interior design but when used incorrectly, they can be overkill, crooked or just plain unattractive. In truth, using stripes in interior design isn’t all that different from using stripes in the fashion world. Color, direction and width have a

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Bring Your Vision to Life

Kristina Wolf Design creates memorable interiors in harmony with your personal vision, with minimal stress. Whether it’s a new home interior or the perfect color palette for a paint project, we'll deepen the connection between you and your home while honoring your objectives, schedule and budget.

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