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Adding Color Without Adding Paint


The walls, ceiling and floors are often the first palette considered when choosing a room’s color scheme. However, there are situations where this simply isn’t possible. Renting is one the first that comes to mind; sure, you can paint your walls but who wants to repaint them

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10 Ways to Add Gold to Any Room


Gold metallic accents add warmth, light and elegance to a room. While some people are just fine with ornate gold furnishings and accents that rival those of Marie Antoinette’s Versailles, others shy away from adding gold accents to their interiors for fear of overdoing it. There is,

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9 Ways to Create a Modern Nursery for a Boy


Traditional nursery designs are sweet, but they can also lend themselves towards the feminine. For this reason, I’m noticing more families asking about modern nursery ideas for their soon-to-be baby boys. The following are 9 ideas that can help to keep your nursery a little more masculine

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9 Ways to Create a Modern Nursery for a Girl


There’s plenty of inspiration out there for those who love the traditional and antique-inspired nursery for baby girls, but what about those of you who prefer a more modern look? The tenets that categorize modern design – cool, clean, streamlined and low-profile – aren’t necessarily synonymous with

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