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The Couch Is For More Than Just Sitting On, It’s A Statement

The primary job of your home’s furnishings is to serve a function; the bed is for sleeping, the dressers are for storing clothes and your couch is for sitting and relaxing while you watch television, read or converse with your family and friends. Even though these furniture

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Decorating with Milk Glass


Have you every noticed that items that were once the property of “the common folk” wind up being trendy and highly sought after a generation or two later? Consider the price of an old farmhouse desk in an antique store and you’ll see what I mean. Another

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How Many Patterns Can Fit Into One Space?


Mixing patterns can be an incredibly daunting proposition if you’ve never done it before. We’ve all seen the hideous fashion faux pas that happen when the wrong stripe rubs up against an equally wrong plaid. As a result, many people shy away from mixing patterns or believe mixing

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Fifty Shades of White


Are you tempted to decorate a room using only shades of white? It’s a brave endeavor, but when done well all white rooms are absolutely stunning. They make you stop in your tracks and take a big, deep, pleasurable breath. The effect should be completely relaxing and

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Bring Your Vision to Life

Kristina Wolf Design creates memorable interiors in harmony with your personal vision, with minimal stress. Whether it’s a new home interior or the perfect color palette for a paint project, we'll deepen the connection between you and your home while honoring your objectives, schedule and budget.

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